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The Kiss

And then he kissed me. He was my grade five teacher, Mr. Woodward. It was not a peck on the cheek, but smack-dab wet on my lips. I was ten years old. I never told anyone. I had stayed after school to help him clean up. Perhaps he asked me to, I don’t remember. IContinue reading “The Kiss”

A call to action re the siege of Ottawa, Canada February 2022

Op Ed NOW Magazine Toronto. February 19, 2022. (longer version) Since when is hot-tubbing with hate groups an acceptable practice in Canada? Like many, I am deeply troubled by these images and the underlying messages they convey.  After visiting Ottawa and devouring press reports about the protests and the Emergencies Act over the last few weeks,Continue reading “A call to action re the siege of Ottawa, Canada February 2022”

Op-ed: #FreedomConvoy and the link between misogyny and white supremacy

Extreme misogyny and white supremacy aren’t just related, they’re entangled – both see increased demands for equality coming at the expense of white privilege I learned about fascism at my father’s knee. He explained to me that he was not a pacifist because some forces in the world have to be fought. Fascism is oneContinue reading “Op-ed: #FreedomConvoy and the link between misogyny and white supremacy”

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